Plumbing and Renovations, by Dr. Lauri Romanzi
Plumbing & Renovations, by Dr. Lauri Romanzi

Vaginal rejuvenation: sounds great. What is it?

For some women, it's cosmetic. For others, it's about pelvic fitness. And for many, it's also about prolapse, that dubious badge of honor suffered by scores of women living robust lives. If you have prolapse, you can use a pessary. Or your doctor can fix it for you, in which case you're very likely to end up with a hysterectomy. Of the 600,000 hysterectomies done in the United States every year, 13% are done for prolapse.

For women with prolapse who don't like that statistic, there is hope. That hope is called "uterine resuspension". That's right, if your parts are out of place, they can be put back into position without sacrificing your womb on the altar of gynecologic dogma!

Or you can use a potato.