Plumbing and Renovations, by Dr. Lauri Romanzi
Plumbing & Renovations, by Dr. Lauri Romanzi

"Dealing with 'womanly' issues doesn't have to be embarrassing or depressing. There is a book that is both informative and humorous..." SEE MORE READER REVIEWS AT WIREFAN.COM

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Kirkus Reviews

Recommended reading for any woman suffering from prolapse. In an easygoing tone, Romanzi explains the causes and symptoms of uterine prolapse, a common but seldom-discussed health condition that affects aging women... Pelvic problems can easily make women feel frightened or ashamed, and this book briskly puts readers at ease by juxtaposing medical facts and diagrams with humor, reassurance and antique Victorian photographs.

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Fix the Muscles That May Be Cramping Your Sex Life:
Nearly half of women ages 50 to 79 experience some degree of prolapse. "If you've lived long enough, are physically active, or have had babies, you're probably going to have the condition," says Lauri J. Romanzi, MD, associate professor of gynecology at the Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City and author of Plumbing and Renovations, a new primer on prolapse surgery...

Beth Howard, More Magazine

Written by one of the best qualified and most competent urogynecologists I know, this is a no-nonsense book, full of uniquely important advice for women about pelvic heath and fitness It's breezy conversational style and intelligent comments make it a volume I'll keep on my desk for my patients.

Marianne Legato, MD, FACP
Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University
Founder, Partnership for Women's Health, Columbia University
Editor in Chief of the Journal of Gender Specific Medicine

There are unspoken and misunderstood topics in medicine and vaginal rejuvenation is one. In Plumbing and Renovations, Lauri Romanzi uses humor to inform and support those many women suffering leaky bladders and wide-open vaginas who want help, not hysterectomy. As a world recognized urogynecology expert, Romanzi divulges the basics of female anatomy and the reconstructive principles of vaginal rejuvenation in terms anyone can understand.

Irwin Goldstein, MD
Director of Sexual Medicine, Alvarado Hospital, San Diego
Clinical Professor of Surgery, Universrty of California at San Diego
Editor in Chief, The Journal of Sexual Medicine